O you who believe.

As we learned the tests and the trials of this life are “designed” for every soul, to serve the purpose of the creation, which is the “Unity” with the “Holy Name” through receiving a spirit from God Almighty that only comes through passing the ordeal of crucifixion.


“He only says be and it is” – The “Word” of God Almighty is the “Activator” of the cosmic seed of creation which is consist of the two opposite sides of the creation or the “even and the odd numbers”. 

The Mosque of Creation.

Since we are parts of the cosmic system of creation as the “Microcosm” of the “Cosmic Adam”, the teachings of the Quran, and the prescribed rules and the regulations such as the ritual of “fasting”, follow the cosmic system of creation and book of nature that we see around us. 

The Day of Reckoning.

The war of “Gog and the Magog” is related to the “Day of reckoning” and the spiritual events of the return of the “Children of Israel” to the location of the “Spiritual Holy Land” where the two opposing sides of the “Mixed Seed” get tamed by Allah SWT and his messenger, or by the owner of the two sides of the “families” – that is called the “Imam” or the “Leader” of the “Children of Israel”.