He it is who made for you the ears and the eyes and the heart – Quran 23:78

The spiritual ears and the eyes are given to the believer servants that receive “Baghiato Allah” or “What remains with Allah” during the events of crucifixion and arrival of the second cosmic messenger, this messenger corrects the location of the fallen head of cosmic Adam during the events of the “Rapture of the children of Israel” to the presence f the cosmic head in the East or the location of the “Lord of this house”. 

Noah’s Son

By explaining the hidden light of the Holy Quran in regards to my personal life, I hope to expand the understanding of the believers concerning the allegories of the scriptures and purpose of the system of the creation. 

The Man – Sura 76

The “Portions” of the revelations of the Holy Quran are related to the revelations of the light of the “Foreign Quran” and the revelations of the light of the “Arabic Quran” or the the two orders of the left and the right hands of creation.