Their Plots! Holy Quran

This evening I was “discouraged” by realizing the fact that the enemies of the servants of God Almighty, simply do not stop their plots and planning.

And I “realized” that the struggles with the other side is the constant struggle that will never end until the day of resurrection. And for this reason the believers must be armed with the Holy verses of the book of light in order to overcome the “Framing” and the “Plots” of their spiritual enemies.

The following verses of the Holy Book helped me to remember who is in charge.

13:42 “And those before them planned indeed, but all planning is Allah’s. He knows what every soul earns. And the disbelievers will come to know for whom is the good end of the abode.” 68/3477/16 {3615}

16:127 “And be patient and your patience is not but by the help of Allah, and “grieve” not for them, nor be in “distress” for what they plan.” 51/3279/14 {3487}

By reading the above verses I felt more “secure” realizing that our Lord is the all aware one that keep the records of all their plots and “Framing”.

Although I am “wounded” and “Broken”, alone in my walk but I am not lonely, filled with the “Holy Spirit” and occupied with bringing more light into this dark world and waiting for my day of departure from the “prison” of this worldly life.