Let not their speech grieve you. Quran

By listening to different “preachers” and “teachers”, I learned by experience that the most effective ways to invite people to the ways of God Almighty, is the language of “compassion” and “mercy”. And by way of “empathy” realizing the pain and the suffering that our brothers and sisters are going through in their daily lives.

Spending more time in prayers and the House of worship, or having a longer beard do not make me a better person than my brothers and sisters.

The following verses “comfort” me when I found myself under the sharp criticism of other egos that dare to sit on the “Judgment seat” of God Almighty.

10:65 “And let not their speech grieve thee. Surely honor belongs wholly to Allah. He is the hearing, knowing.” 42/1069/10 {1196} 

{10:65 “Grieve thee” (1196) + “Adam” (72545+170} = 19 x 3882

{10:65 “Grieve thee” (1196) + “Jesus” (195587)} = 19 x 10357

{10:65 “Grieve thee” (1069) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (2199)} = 19 x 172

11:115 “And be patient, for surely Allah wastes not the reward of the doers of good.” 29/1870/7 {2032}

{11:115 “Be patient” (2032) + “Adam” (72545+17)} = 19 x 3926

{11:115 “Be patient” (2032) + “Jesus” (195587)} = 19 x 10401

{11:115 “Be patient” (1870+1) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (2214)} = 19 x 215

10:109 “And follow what is revealed to thee and be “patient” until Allah give judgment, and He is the best of judges” 44/2462/11 {2636}

{10:109 “what is revealed to you” (2636) + “Jesus” (189321)} = 19 x 10103

{10:109 “what is revealed to you” (2636) + “Gholam Reza Zolfaghari” (3216)} = 19 x 308

What we need to preach is to teach them that the seed of “Cosmic Adam” or the Seed of the “Macrocosm” is “hidden” deep inside their psyche, and the pain and the suffering that they go through is part of the process of the “Birth” and the “Becoming” which was ordained for each individual before their formation in the “Wombs”, as per “unique design” tailored by God Almighty.

We need to preach that It is not about becoming a “perfect” or “flawless” human begin, which is an “impossible” notion, but it is about “Keeping” the Love of God Almighty in every moment of our Journey and under “any” circumstances.

We need to preach that we can “strengthen” our “connection” with God Almighty by spending time in communion with Him in our “mind”, through “pondering” on the Holy verses of the Book of light, without the need to be perfect.

And in our “heart” by being more “compassionate” and “merciful” towards other beings without a need to be perfect.

So, anytime you feel the pain of the speech of your brothers and sisters, know that all the “honers” wholly belongs to God Almighty and He is aware of the pain and suffering that you are going through.

He knows the “beauty” of your soul which is hidden even from yourself, and know that you will be rewarded for you steadfastness in loving God Almighty.

The above verses speak to all humanity since the same seed is buried deep inside every single one us.