The Purpose.

“I deliver to you the messages of my Lord, and I offer you good advise, and I know from Allah what you know not.” Quran 7:62

Although I preach to all religions, sects and denominations of the “Abrahamic” faith as per ordinances of God Almighty, by using the Holy verses of the Book of Light, describing different aspects of the Holy “Names” of our creator, with the hope of bringing more understanding and “Unity” among the believers, but I am commanded to only worship “The Name” of God Almighty “Allah” SWT and not associating any other beings with this “Name”.

By using the deeper meaning of the different aspects of the “Holy Names” that are mentioned in the Book of Light, I hope to establish the ancient fact that “The Lord our God is one God”, and therefore “Unite” the believers of different “points of view” of the same concepts.

It is ordained for me to “learn” and “share” the deeper spiritual meanings of the concepts of the Holy Book with the hope of bringing more “Light” into this world, through sharing my humble understanding about the ‘”Designed System” of creation, that runs the affairs of our physical journey which is in fact, is a spiritual experience.

Anything good you might find in my understanding of the Holy Scriptures belongs to Allah SWT, and any mistakes, miscalculations, and misunderstandings that you might find are simply are my own misunderestandings and human errors.

My purpose is not to “convert” anyone to anything but to simply show the readers of the Holy Books that they are the “Microcosms” of the “Universe” and all the stories of the Holy Quran that take place within the universe also take place within their own spiritual bodies.

“And “We” are closer to him than his life veins” Quran 50:16 

To teach them that all different aspects of the “Holy Names” are the bases of their own spiritual beings that are encoded in their D.N.A. that develops based on a “Cosmic System” and according to the “Number” of their age.

The purpose of creation 

“We created them “with the purpose”, but most of them do not know” Quran 44:39

The “purpose” of the cosmic system of creation which is “encoded” in your “D.N.A” is the attainment of the level of “macrocosm” and “merging” with the “Holy Name”, in spirit, and the attainment of the eternal gardens which is promissed to those who keep theri duties from among the beleivers.

The “Cosmic Seed” of creation, that was used for the creation of the “Cosmic Adam” is buried deep inside your own psyche that gets “resurrected” according to the “Number” of your age and based on the “designed” system of God Almighty.

The Religious Rituals 

Since this seed is also mixed with the side of the nature and animals, it needs gudience and programming that religious rituals such as “daily prayers”, “fasting”, and “recitations” of the Holy verses provide. The system of creation works based on tri-factor of “Rituals”, “Numbers” and “Sacrfices”.

The following practices prescribed in the Holy Quran are for the sake of attainment and the unity with the side of the “Light” or attainment of the level of “Macrocosom” that comes by the entrance to the “Holy Land” and through passing the ordeal of spiritual crucifixion where we “Sacrifice” one part of our own being for the sake of release of the “Holy Spirit” and the merging with the light.

  • The resurrection of the “Cosmic seed”: By ritual of 5 times daily prayers.
  • Programming of the “Cosmic seed”: By recitations of the Holy verses.
  • Entrance to the Holy Land and merging with the light or the act of crucifixion: By ritual of “Fasting”.
  • Pilgrimage of “Hajj”: Simulation of the “Cosmic Journey” of the “Word” from the East to the West and the West to the East, or the “Time Travel” to the location of the “destroyed gardens”, and the events of “crucifixion” and entrance to the Holy Land.

Therefore, I declare that I do not belong to any specific sects or denomination such as “Judaism”, “Catholicism”, “Christianity”, “Shia” or “Sunni”, “Wahhabi” or “Zionist” but I belong to all of them as a child of the universe, a “Submitter” to God Almighty and the follower of the Holy Quran of Allah SWT.

“Say: My prayers and my sacrifice and my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds” Quran 6:162