In these writings, we will discover the “Hidden Light” of the scriptures by using a very simple method of calculation of the numerical values of the verses of the Holy Quran.

By learning this method of analyzing the meaning of the Holy Quran, the “history” or the “stories” of the major religions, that are the source of division and animosity between different sects, become “irrelevant”.

We will learn that the true meaning of the Holy verses has multi-purpose, at one level, the holy verses are the user manual for the renovation of the cosmic mosque of the creation at the macro-level, and in regards to the end-time promises of the major religions.

And at another level, the holy verses are the stories of the birth and the struggles of the “divine soul” in man that needs to get released and rescued from the prison of the flesh. 

We use the “secret code of number 19″, which was discovered and revealed to mankind, by the late prophet, Dr. Rashid Khalifeh”, and we take this further by analyzing the repeating  “patterns” of occurrences of the different concepts in regards to the one another, and in regards to the goal of the Holy Quran which is the release and the rescue of the “divine soul” that take place during the events of the spiritual crucifixion. 

We will learn that stories of the Holy verses take place within the “spiritual body” of the man, as the microcosm of cosmic Adam, 

Through recitations of the Holy verses, the cosmic seed in man, and his spiritual body gets programmed according to the user manual of the creator.