About The Author

I write to bring hope to mankind with the goal of “Uniting” the believers, regardless of their “Labels”, by “proving” that the promises of God Almighty mentioned in His scriptures always come to pass! I write not based on a particular “Belief System” or out of desire. I write from the place of “knowing the cosmic truth” behind the scriptures. Sharing the “Light” and the “Truth” which was shown to me by the grace of God Almighty, when He took me out of the darkness of ignorance into the light of His guidance by His mighty right hand.

May these writings be a means of blessing and “awakening” for the readers.

“Allah does not fail in His Promises” Holy Quran 

Hi! My name is “Gholam Reza Zolfaghari” and I was born and raised in Iran, and migrated to the United States of America, at age 33 in the year 2000. I arrived in U.S.A to fulfill the promises of the Holy Scriptures regarding the end times prophesies as per ordinances of the holy Quran.

Back in the year 2012, I had an out of body experience, and found myself in the middle of what I learned later through verses of the Holy Quran to be the cosmic battle of “Gog and Magog”, and the events of the “Renovation of the Holy Temple”.

Since that experience, I dedicated my life to understand and “decode” the Last Message of almighty to mankind through revelations of the Holy Quran.

From the Holy Quran, I learned, that the stories of the holy verses are related to my spiritual journey and the prophecies of the end times regarding all the scriptures.

I write to share and inform the believers about the messages of almighty, through the simple method of understanding the numerical values of the verses of the holy Quran.

Those who conceal what Allah has revealed in the book and take for it a small price, they eat nothing but fire into their bellies. And ALLAH will not speak to them on the day of resurrection, nor He purifies them, and for them is a painful chastisement.” 2:174

God willing, these writings will bring all the truth seekers and the believers to the right path, and will unite and strengthen their belief of the unseen world and increase their dedication to ways of God Almighty and His books and His messengers.

“Bringing them out of the darkness into the light.” Quran

From now on, it will be no more unnecessary wars and disagreements among the believers about the words of God. By the new understating of the verses of this book, no room is left for the deniers and disbelievers. If they are genuinely looking for proofs, they will find them here in this book.

Through simple calculations of the numbers of this book, not only we will see the clear “Proofs” of the existence of God Almighty our creator, but also we will know the purpose behind our creation.

We will see that the world did not come into existence by the “Big Bang” theory or any other accidental creation stories. This new understanding of the book teaches us that the whole of creation from the beginning to the end was planned and imagined by God almighty first, and it is being manifested according to his cosmic calendar, and His intentions, this creation like any other created “things” has an expiration date attached to it which is only known to Him.

“We Created Man based on the Best Calendar.” Quran 95:4

We will learn that what scientist call the story of “evolution” is nothing but the manifestations of different phases of the “Blueprint” of creation, which was designed by the creator of the “multiverse” before the beginning of time.

“We created the sky and the earth with purpose” Quran.

These writing will put an end to all commentaries and the “stories” of the past, about the words of God, which have been circulating among the scholars of different sects of Islam.

We will learn to understand the words of God Almighty by using only His words as the ultimate source of “Truth”.

By the new understanding we will see for ourselves, that the allegories and the stories of the scriptures are not the stories of ancient’s people but the ever-occurring interactions of the spiritual forces of the universe, which take place behind the veil of creation in the spiritual realms and “within” ourselves as the microcosm of creation. This understanding by itself will remove any obstacles in the path of unity and will provide clarity for the generations to come.

The believers will know that they are the “Center” of the universe, and as His beloved handiwork, they are at the center of His attention, always co-creating with him.

The believers will have a clear understanding about the words of God in their own scriptures, since the verses of the Holy Quran are not only for the followers of the Islamic tradition, but also are the guards and protection over all other previous scriptures.

The truth seekers, by learning the simple methods presented in this texts will be found much better and deeper facts about the Holy Quran.

The historian will learn about analyzing the history of the past, based on the Quranic Numerical Values. The vast sea of knowledge and information will be available for the investigative Journalists who want to research the history of the wars, revolutions, and assassinations that have been taking place, based on the Quranic numerical values.

Holy Quran, is the user manual of creation, that teaches us about the “Root language” of the “Matrix” of creation which is made of numbers.

The Holy Quran will empower mankind and will strengthen their connection with the universal mind of the creator. Once all the believers, “together” connect to the “universal mind” with “unified” intention, the miracles will take place on the earth like never before.

On that day, the humanity asks in “Unity” and it will be given unto them.”

This is the book of freedom for mankind, which frees them out of the bondage of superstitious and spiritual ignorance, into the light of the guidance of our creator.

It “frees” mankind from the pursuit of materialistic mindset, and broadens their perspective, by teaching them about the real goal of this physical journey, which is the ultimate goal of redemption of the Soul and “Unity” with the “Creator” through a personal and direct relationship.

In the beginning, the new teaching of the Holy Book will appear to be against the understanding of the religious scholars of all faiths, and it must be this way. Since the truth of the new understanding of the revelations of the Holy Book is from the side of the “Olive Tree”, it will “Burn” the current mindsets, same as the “Consuming Fire” of God Almighty which burns all the impurities in the cosmic temple. Once the old belief systems are broken; then the new light is going to fill the vacuum.

This Holy Book is not only for the mankind but also is for the guidance of the “Jinn Race”, it gives them the “second chance” to “correct” their ways and invites them to “submission” to God Almighty and the orders of “His universe”.

The new understanding of the revelations of the Holy Quran was downloaded to me back in the promised the year of 2012, which was the beginning of the new era, or the new astrological sign, when almighty as He promised in His Quran 55:31, applied himself to the two cosmic races:

 “Soon shall we apply ourselves to you, O you two armies (Men & Jinn)” Quran 55:31

Back in that year, I found myself in the middle of the “cosmic battle” where the “Consuming Fire” of almighty was raining down on the armies of “Jinn” and the “Fallen Angels” during the battle of “Gog and Magog”; Where my Soul was adopted by the “Right” hand of almighty to the holy land above, passing through the “Fire” of ascension.

At the time of going through that tremendous experiences, I had no clue that I was going through the process of what we call now, the cosmic ascension, which had been ordained for me by almighty, in the verses of the holy book some 1400 years ago.

We will learn through the new understanding of the Holy Quran that the “Messiahs” are the cosmic and spiritual entities in the invisible realms, related to the left and the right side of the body of the cosmic Adam or the “Macro” of humanity.

The servants of almighty who attain the level of the “macrocosm” walk with these two spiritual messengers during the process of renovation of the cosmic temple inside their bodies.

In the year 2012, prior to my experience of “Cosmic ascension” and passing through the fire, I have experienced the process of “near-death”, “resurrection” and “rapture by Night”, or the “night journey” between the two cosmic points of creation mentioned in Quran 17:1.

17:1 “Glory to Him who carried His servant by night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote Mosque, where we blessed its surroundings to show him some of our signs, indeed, He is all hearer, all seer.” 93/4718/21 {4850}

The following years, since those experiences, I have dedicated my entire life, searching for the “Truth” of what and why I have gone through those experiences. My Soul knew that I have been honored and chosen by almighty to go through those cosmic events, but my mind could not comprehend what my Soul was experiencing, and anxiously was looking for the reasons and the meanings behind those events.

The whole journey and the research were based on finding the answer to the question of “Who Am I”?

At the time of my “Near Death” experience, when I was in the darkness of the “Abyss”, this question passed through my mind, so many times; Since I could not remember who I was, and therefore I was not able to breathe nor return to my body. So, in that “Dark Room” this question was imprinted deeply on my soul.  “Who Am I”?

The permission of return, was in the finding of the answer to the question of “Who Am I”?

By having this question in mind, I have started my research, and I have found that which I was looking for in the revelations of the Holy Quran; Which was about my story that has been ordained for me centuries ago.

By seeking the answer to that question over the period of few years, my doubtful mind learned that it is my God-given “duty” to share my experiences through “decoding” the true meaning of the messages of almighty to the Mankind for the last time.

2:174 “Those who conceal what Allah has revealed in the book and take for it a small price, they eat nothing but fire into their bellies. And Allah will not speak to them on the day of resurrection, nor He purifies them, and for them is a painful chastisement.” Holy Quran 

The methods and the new understanding of the holy Quran, which we see in this writings, evolved over times through my search for my “identity”, and finding the answer to the question of “Who Am I?”.

Although, throughout these writings, we will break down the meanings and the concepts of the Holy Names presented in the scriptures, and by no means, we believe that God Almighty consists of two or many other gods or deities.

15:94 “Therefore declare openly what you are commanded, and turn away from the polytheists.” Holy Quran 

These writings also affirm that the Lord our God is One God. So the purpose of the break down of the holy names is to gain a deeper understanding of the true meanings of the scripture.

It is the body of “cosmic Adam”, which is consisted of different parts and units, that the ancient civilizations considered as different gods and deities.

For the sake of creation of diversity at the time of “fall”, which was by design of almighty, the “Vessel” which was holding the “Cosmic Soul”, was shattered into pieces; and it is this “Vessel” which is called the “Temple of Solomon”.

The revelations of the scriptures are based on the renovation of this broken “Vessel”, for the sake of restoration of the original design, and the redemption of the “Cosmic Soul”.

The end time mission of the servant of God Almighty is the renovation of the cosmic temple in the spiritual realms, and to do this the servant of almighty must “Travel Back in time” to the beginning of the process of “Re-creation of cosmic Adam” that took place, behind the veil of creation.

Although I was born and raised in a Shia Muslim family, but according to the commands of the Holy Quran, I cannot have any labels such as Sunni, Shia, Catholic or Jewish. I submit completely to the creator of the universe, and I declare myself a submitter.

6:159 “As for those who split up their religion and become sects, you have no concern with them. Their affair is only with Allah, then He will inform them of what they did.” Holy Quran 

If any label, I pick the label of Abraham, the father of the believers, who was guided by Allah SWT, through, and by, different tests and trials, in his spiritual journey, never losing faith against all the obstacles.

In fact, the closest person to the example of Abraham is the writer of this text, who past all the test and the trials of the entrance to the holy land above.

As we will see through a new understanding of the Holy Quran, the language of the “field of reality”, is a numerical language, that works based on the numerical values of the scriptures. The manifestations of the “beliefs” of the “Collective”, always appear through the “channels” with the proper “Labels”, and numerical values, same as programming of a computer software.

God almighty made the covenant with Abraham, and his “Seed”, and as we will see the numerical values of my names, works with most of the concepts of the holy Quran.

In other language I was sent here as a “Seed” in the service of God almighty, for the purpose of fulfilling His promises, and the renovation of the cosmic temple.

{“Abraham” (281015) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (2199)} = 19×14906

{“Mohammad” (38163) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (3200)} = 19×2177

{“We created Man” (29727) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (3200)} = 19×1733

{“Messiah” (64752+11) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (3200)} = 19×3577

{“Adam” (116196) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (2212)} = 19×6232

{“Adam” (116196) + “Gholam Reza Zolfaghari” (3200)} = 19×6284

{“Orphan” (155624) + “Gholam Reza Zolfaghari” (3216)} = 19x19x440

{“Orphan” (141971) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (2201)} = 19×7588

{“Gog & Magog” (7734+2) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (2201)} = 19×523

{“Bashar” (200206) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (2201)} = 19×10653

{“David” (87025) + “Gholam Zolfaghari” (2199)} = 19×4696

As we will see the “Secret Code of 19” is the code that almighty uses for the revelations of the Holy Book, and is related to the 19 parts of the two cosmic trees of “Fig” and “Olive”. This code was revealed to us by the messenger of God, late Dr. Rashad Khalifah peace and blessing be upon him.

As we will learn from Sura 21 of the Quran, or “The Prophets”, names of all the prophets mentioned in the Quran, are the references to the spiritual entities of the first race of creation, or the “Jinn” race, and not to physical beings. These beings are parts of the construction of the “macrocosm” of creation, and therefore parts of the inner being of mankind, as the “Micro” of creation. 

The name “Gholam” or “Boy”, as we will see is referring to the “Cosmic Seed of life”, that comes to this reality at the end of each astrological cycle; This name happens to be my first name and occurs 13 times in the Quran, and values of the 13 occurrences of this name, generate a confirmation with the 2160 years, which is the length of each era, or astrological cycle, as follow:

{“Gholam” (59001) + 2160 Years} = 19 x 3219

And 3219 is the numerical values of my full name “Gholam Reza Zolfaghari”.

God almighty, shape and number each and every Soul, behind the veil of creation in the cosmic womb, and send them in this reality to different places and races, based on His overall plan, which is the growth of the collective soul.