The treasures of Allah

Therefore, the “treasures of Allah” Swt, are related to the two lights of the creation of the first and the second orders, or the 1st and the 2nd born of cosmic Adam, and to the two points of “Star Sirius” and the “Lord of this House” which are given to his prophet. And this is one of the meanings of the verse that speaks about the “Joseph” and the “treasures” of the land.

The Hand of Allah.

In the first phase, or at the time of the covenant with the creator of the universe – 48:10 – the fire or the primordial light – foreign Quran – is ignited in the spiritual body of the prophet, and in phase two – 5:64 – this fire is put out and replaced by “a new fire” – The Arabic Quran – during the events of the crucifixion or the birth of the order of the right hand.

The Lord of Mighty Grace.

The book that keeps track of the actions of each soul is serving the purpose of the system of creation which is the attainment of the level of the macrocosm for each soul. The disasters that befall us are serving the purpose of the system of creation related to passage of the soul through the “gates” of the skies.