The Purified Ones – Holy Quran

As we learned elsewhere,  number 498 of the spiritual gateway, is related to the events of war in “Syria”, back in the year 2012, where the two opposing parties were fighting. One group was fighting the “Light of Allah” Swt, “unknowingly”, and were preventing the return of the “Assured Soul”, or the messenger of the “right hand”, to the presence of the “Lord of this House”.  

The Two Worlds Inside The Holy Name

Number 11171715 can be written as number 57171111, which is the reverse order of the holy name from the right to the left, when the “H”, of the holy name which is the representation of the holy spirit, returns back to the location of the throne, on the East side, in the holy land above. 

Will they not meditate on the Quran?

The seed of the “Quran”, or seed of the “Malik” of the renovation of the cosmic temple, arrived in this reality through the “Portal of mercy” on the year 1967, which happened to be the year of the “six” day war between the two sides of the cosmic trees, or the “Arabs”, and the “Jews” in the Holy land. 

The Event of 2012 – Sura 56

Almighty, swears by the “positioning of the Stars” as the great oath! And link the positioning of the stars with the protected Book , which is a “Cosmic Book” that runs the affairs of the universe. That no one can touch except the “purified” servants; Those who have gone through the process of “cosmic crucifixion”. This cosmic place, is the original place of the holy scriptures.