Three scriptures in one verse – Quran 2:3

Values of “Mixed sperm” multiply the “Golden Ratio” generate number 809 which is equal to the numerical values of the holy names of “In the name of Allah the most compassionate and the most merciful”, which was used for the creation of the first cosmic race of creation. 

{“Mixed Sperm” (500) x Golden Ratio (1.618)} = 809

809 = “In the name of Allah, the most compassionate and the most merciful”

Will they not meditate on the Quran?

The seed of the “Quran”, or seed of the “Malik” of the renovation of the cosmic temple, arrived in this reality through the “Portal of mercy” on the year 1967, which happened to be the year of the “six” day war between the two sides of the cosmic trees, or the “Arabs”, and the “Jews” in the Holy land. 

The Event of 2012 – Sura 56

Almighty, swears by the “positioning of the Stars” as the great oath! And link the positioning of the stars with the protected Book , which is a “Cosmic Book” that runs the affairs of the universe. That no one can touch except the “purified” servants; Those who have gone through the process of “cosmic crucifixion”. This cosmic place, is the original place of the holy scriptures.

Angles and the Ruler of Allah

Therefore the “Malik” or the “Ruler of Allah” mentioned in the Quran, is the seed from the progeny of the “root race” of creation, or the fallen ones, who brought destruction to the cosmic temple of almighty, and caused the entrapment of the “light of the heavens”, inside the graves of the “Black hole” of creation”. 

Quran! What does it mean?

Process of going through the ordeal of crucifixion, is the birth of the second born of Adam, which was slayed by his brother, in the beginning of times, this second born of Adam, is the spirit from the most high, or the light of the heavens.

The Key – Quran Sura-1

By recitation of the Sura-1 and Sura-112, during the five times daily prayers, numerically, we “time travel”, to the origin of the creation, inside the “Black hole”, where the creation of the cosmic entity of “Al-Inssan” take place.

Confined light of holiness inside U.

This is the events of “reproduction” of creation, that take place in the “Shadow” side of creation, what we see above is the “reflection” of that which is in the “Shadow” side of creation.

Holy Land and the location of the throne!

The physical location of the holy site, is the representations of that which is above the land, in the heavenly realms, which is related to the original location of the fallen head of cosmic Adam, that is called the “Qebleh”, or the direction of the prayers.