Adam of the Quran.

The “names” which were  taught to Adam , are references to different parts of spiritual design of “cosmic Adam”. These entities were created inside the “Black hole” by appearance of the “Primordial Light” of creation, or the word that became flesh, which is the “Light of Holy Quran”, related to the light of “foreign Quran”, which was used for creation of cosmic “Counterparts” or the “Shadows”.

The Purified Ones – Holy Quran

As we learned elsewhere,  number 498 of the spiritual gateway, is related to the events of war in “Syria”, back in the year 2012, where the two opposing parties were fighting. One group was fighting the “Light of Allah” Swt, “unknowingly”, and were preventing the return of the “Assured Soul”, or the messenger of the “right hand”, to the presence of the “Lord of this House”.