Command of Retaliation.

Therefore, the retaliation, is being down through us, by us, and to us, according to the system of the book of creation,  for the sake of receiving the gift of the “Holy Spirit”, or “What remains with Allah”, and completion of the holy temple, or the “Adam project”, within our spiritual bodies, and we become “one” with the holy name. 

{The law of retaliation” (11902) + (45999396+45999396)} = 19×4842688

The Two Worlds Inside The Holy Name

Number 11171715 can be written as number 57171111, which is the reverse order of the holy name from the right to the left, when the “H”, of the holy name which is the representation of the holy spirit, returns back to the location of the throne, on the East side, in the holy land above. 

I Don’t Serve Whom You Serve – Sura 109

The religion of the pagans, is the worship of the “Shadow” of the “Constellation”, and the “Star” in its “evening position” related to the “fig tree” of creation, in the dark side. 

And the believers, who have pass through the ordeal of cosmic crucifixion, which is the birth of the “Morning Star”, or the “Light” of the “Constellations” in the “New day”, are attached to the side of the “light”, or the “Olive tree”.

Ease after hardship of Jihad of ascension – Sura 94

The servant of almighty in order to fulfill the promises of the holy scriptures must go through the process of cosmic renovation of the holy temple which is the process of  re-production of the new earth and the new heaven that takes place inside the “Cave” or the “black hole” of creation where the cosmic seed of the assembly of the “eight pairs” or the first cosmic race of creation is planted by Allah SWT. 

Let there be light! – Sura 97

“The numerical values of the city of “Al-Basra” also generate number 329 which is equal to the values of the holy name of “The Most Compassionate” or “Al-Rahman” in the holy names of “In the name of Allah the most compassionate and the most merciful”, which is the aspect of the “Black hole” of creation, where the events of re-creation take place until the end of times”. 

The Unity of God – Sura 112

“The recitations of Sura112 during the ritual of the daily prayers, “simulate” the alignment of the positioning of the stars and the two cosmic trees “within” our psyche. “Recitations of the verses of the Quran program our mind and therefore our spiritual body to its ideal form based on to the ordinances of our creator”.