Forbidden to you the flesh of the Swine

As we can see the “flesh of the swine”, is a reference to the cosmic counterparts of men, that get resurrected during the spring equinoxes, from mixing of the energies of the “even and the odd” numbers, or the two sides of the “fig”, and “olive”, related to the two messengers, these beings are mixed of the two sides of “dishonest”, and “dutiful”, that must go through the “fire” of purification, at the time of the birth of the “olive tree” in the east side, when the seed of the kingdom of the “new earth and new skies” get born in the east side. 

Bring a Chapter like this Quran.

In the first occurrence of the word “Sura”, Quran invites those who reject the messages of Allah Swt, to produce a “Sura”, or a “Chapter” like it, by the help of “Witnesses” other than Allah, which is a reference to the first creation, or the “Shadows”, that are the cosmic “counterparts” of men.