We are the witness of you in any situation. Quran 10:61

The location of the “clear book” that holds the records of actions is inside the dark side of the creation or inside the spiritual location of “Al-Kabbah” – And the location of the “Lord of this House” in the light side of the creation, administer the affairs of mankind such as the time of their birth and death according to the “records of actions” and based on the “system of Allah” SWT. 

Read in the name of your Lord. 96:1

In the design of the “Mixed Seed”, the side of the 2nd Born that is from the side of the “Lord of this House” is attached to the side of the first born that must get rescued during the events of crucifixion and entrance to the Holy land which is the birth of the side of the “Olive Tree”. One part of the seed is from the side of the dark and the other from the side of the light of the cosmic Adam.