Acts of kindness – Sura 107

The two cosmic messengers, are the two baptizers of the two phases of renovation of the cosmic temple. One baptizes by water, and the other baptizes by fire. The energy of water is related to the first messenger, “Mohammad”, and the energy of the fire is related to the second messenger “Ahmad” or “Israel”. 

Over it is nineteen – The Son of Man – Quran 74:30

Therefore, this is the “Son of Man” that is arising and warning each and every time as per system of creation. The “arising” is the reference to the first phase of the renovation or the night journey in the dark side, and the “warning” is the reference to the events of the rapture by crucifixion that take place in the rising place of the light in the East side.

Bring mankind out of darkness into light.

The phrase “Remind them of the days of Allah” is the reminder of the time of the rapture by crucifixion that take place in the East side where the people of the Moses get rapture “by force” to the location of the cosmic head during the manifestations of the last 13 verses of the Quran.

The Journey of the Soul – The Watcher and The Single being.

The phrase “He created you in the wombs” is related to the creation of the spiritual body by the divine light – the watcher – that allows the existence of your material body – The side of the flesh is a cover for your spiritual body, this light that cause your creation – and resurrection – is the extension of the light of the creator in the physical form.

The Kabbah – The Cube

Ritually speaking, the “umrah” or the “minor pilgrimage” is the simulation of the “time travel” of the “soul” through the “gateways” of the West side of the creation between the two cosmic mosques, or the “night journey” which is the first part of the events of recreation of the cosmic entity of “Al-Inssan” which is made of the mixed energies of the Sun and the Moon or the two races of “Al-Arab” and “Al-Yahood”. And the “major pilgrimage of “Hajj” is the simulation of the passage of the “soul” through the “gateways of fire” in the East or the rapture to the location of the Holy Land that is called the events of crucifixion.

Hear and obey. Quran

Therefore, by the performance of the daily prayers you are simulating the cosmic events of going into covenant with the God Almighty or the command of “hear”. and by the performance of the ritual of “Fast” you are simulating the command of “obey”, by participation in the events of crucifixion where you sacrifice the desires of your flesh for the sake of the release and rescue of the divine soul in you.

The treasures of Allah

Therefore, the “treasures of Allah” Swt, are related to the two lights of the creation of the first and the second orders, or the 1st and the 2nd born of cosmic Adam, and to the two points of “Star Sirius” and the “Lord of this House” which are given to his prophet. And this is one of the meanings of the verse that speaks about the “Joseph” and the “treasures” of the land.