Acts of kindness – Sura 107

The two cosmic messengers, are the two baptizers of the two phases of renovation of the cosmic temple. One baptizes by water, and the other baptizes by fire. The energy of water is related to the first messenger, “Mohammad”, and the energy of the fire is related to the second messenger “Ahmad” or “Israel”. 

The Pen and the book of creation – 68

We notice that the word “prostration” is repeated in two verses, right after each other in 68:42 and 68:43, since each prostration, is a reference to each order of creation, first from the order of the left to the right (45999396), and second from the order of the right to the left (45999396+45999396).

Three scriptures in one verse – Quran 2:3

Values of “Mixed sperm” multiply the “Golden Ratio” generate number 809 which is equal to the numerical values of the holy names of “In the name of Allah the most compassionate and the most merciful”, which was used for the creation of the first cosmic race of creation. 

{“Mixed Sperm” (500) x Golden Ratio (1.618)} = 809

809 = “In the name of Allah, the most compassionate and the most merciful”

The Constellations – Sura 85

The zodiacal constellations, are the major parts of the allegories and the narrations of the major religions, the “12 tribes of Israel”, or the “12 Sons of Jacob”, are the references to the constellation that we see around us. 

The Possessor of the Elephant – Sura 105

All the idols worshipers and polytheistic nations from Babylon to Egypt adored the first race of creation as the “signs of Allah SWT” and as the means of closeness to him, the purpose of “idol” worship was the invocation of the first cosmic race inside the spiritual body of the worshipers.

Ease after hardship of Jihad of ascension – Sura 94

The servant of almighty in order to fulfill the promises of the holy scriptures must go through the process of cosmic renovation of the holy temple which is the process of  re-production of the new earth and the new heaven that takes place inside the “Cave” or the “black hole” of creation where the cosmic seed of the assembly of the “eight pairs” or the first cosmic race of creation is planted by Allah SWT.